Storage Tanks

Arab Business Interrelated Group has provided the above ground storage tank owner with repair and maintenance services for their storage tank assets. ARABBITC has performed repairs ranging from very large floor replacements down to the smallest seal repair, and everything in between. We understand that the best tank repair and maintenance solutions do not always present themselves in a nicely wrapped package, nor do they come at the most opportune time. With our extensive experience of above ground storage tank repair and maintenance experience, ARABBITC understands the nuances of the business.

ARABBITC is equipped to respond quickly to your needs with a qualified crew which will safely perform your needed scope of work.

We will help with preparing a Safe Work Plan, Scope of Work development and Inspection and Testing Plans. Our professional field craft have performed tank repair and maintenance services on various above ground Storage Tanks. Our crews are trained in the most up-to-date safe work procedure’s, best work practices and have the necessary qualifications to step on any facility. At ARABBITC, we understand that time is money and when your tank has an urgent problem and needs a quick, yet safe solution, we will be on-site promptly to get you back up and running.