Pipeline Works

Arab Business Interrelated Group provides cleaning, testing and commissioning of pipelines – intra-plant as well as trunk-lines. ARABBITC is actively involved in the act of scavenging pipelines at various phases of its life starting from its construction to operation to routine monitoring to decommissioning.

The Pipeline Services include:

Pre-commissioning flushing
Pipeline pigging;
Drying to dew point levels;
Nitrogen purging & preservation;
High velocity flushing;
Hydro-milling or HP jet cleaning, decoking;
Chemical cleaning & oil flushing;
Fabrication & erection.


Pre-commissioning clean up of piping: ARABBITC has successfully engineered and carried out several pipeline pigging, testing, flushing, dew point level drying and preservation works of pipelines for industry majors in the Kingdom. Our pipeline services include high velocity flushing of multidirectional pipelines using special HV Flush systems, oil flushing services, etc on a turnkey basis. Our HV FLUSH pipe flushing will effectively flush pipelines irrespective of the diameter, length or change in direction. This system flushes piping using less liquid, minimal temporary piping and no circulation pumps.